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The Entrepreneur Bootcamp is a 10-week training program covering entrepreneurship, public relations, leadership, marketing and financial management. The target audience are healthcare professionals (e.g licensed massage therapists, medical coders and barbers). 

In June 2023, a Beta Test was conducted to test out the curriculum. Below are comments from the research.  Two participants were currently in business. One participant was an aspiring entrepreneur. 

"I was a little nervous about the first session. I was worried that I did not have foundational knowledge about starting a business.  I like the presenter's approach and how she delivered the material.  She was relatable and also provided easy to understand and real-world examples.  I am looking forward to stretching and learning so that I will get the best out of the class.  I look forward to delving into the content and being open so that I can get the most from this class." 

Entrepreneur Bootcamp Participant #1

"The content gives great foundational knowledge about the how's and why's of entrepreneurship.  This helps you to ascertain where you are and determine where you need to go from there as it relates to entrepreneurship." Entrepreneur Bootcamp Participant #2.

The next class will be held June 1 at 1331 Union Avenue,9th floor. To register, send email to

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