Coding and communication

by PACC Staff

Over the past four months, Paula Anderson, certified professional coder and approved coding instructor, has shared a coding and a communication topic. Medical coding is the process of assigning a CPT (R) and ICD-10-CM based on the medical documentation.

Communication channels has evolved over the past 10 years. Email and social media are channels for communicating with patients, employees, payers and stakeholders.

Each month, a new video is published on her YouTube Channel. Click below to watch the videos from Aug. - Dec.

For the month of August the topic was Anesthesia Coding and Email communication. Anesthesia coding focuses on coding for general, regional and epidural anesthesia cases. Email is one of the communication methods for healthcare and business professionals.

In September, the coding and communication topics were Surgery and Email Communication. This video focuses on the Global Surgery Package according to the CPT (R) Manual. Click below to watch the video.

In October, the coding topic was the Female Genital System. It covers a few GYN procedures and coding guidelines. Social media was the communication topic and it focuses on the correct usage for social media communication.

For November, the coding topic was the Integumentary System which focuses on the skin, hair and nails. The communication topic focused on writing a cover letter. A cover letter is designed to introduce you to a prospective employer.

The December communication topic is Advanced E/M Coding and the communication topic is writing a denial/appeal letter. This video covers Hospital visits, Preventive Medicine, Consultations and Emergency Room visits. When payers deny claims for medical necessity, coordination of benefits or bundled services, it is necessary to appeal the claim for payment.

To learn more about coding topics, sign-up for our Medical Coding Coaching Program. It is approved for 2.5 CEUs.

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