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Communication strategy for licensed massage therapists

by Paula Anderson

The COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges for massage therapists and other non-essential business owners. Some challenges included reduced revenue and protocol changes for clients. Although these were challenges that may happen throughout the life cycle of a business, identifying your target customer is essential to sustainability and growth.

There are multiple ways to reach and identify customers. The best way to determine your customer is to focus on psychographics (behaviors), attitudes and demographics). A typical massage may cost between $60=$75 per hour. Everyone may not be able to afford the monthly expense. How can you identify the right customer?

The first step is to develop a customer persona and then a communication strategy. Safety has also been an issue for customers. This is another area that should be considered to ensure customers understand the protocols.

A communication strategy is the best way to reach your ideal customer. It includes the channels to reach them. In this course, it will teach you the best communication channels to reach your customer and how to create communication messages that will engage and attract customers.

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