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Continuing education for medical coders and medical billers

by PACC staff

Paula Anderson Coaching and Consulting LLC offers continuing education to medical coders and medical billers.

The CEU workshops are approved by AAPC. The following workshops are offered.

Brandy Flynn, mental health specialist, facilitates a CEU workshop on mental health and wellness. 

“Mental health is a topic that is still being overlooked as a priority of our everyday lives until something traumatic happens,” said Flynn. 

“The workshop will provide information for us to be able to bring the awareness of mental health to the forefront. It will give the participants the tools to be able to recognize when they are about to enter burn-out, when they are not mentally healthy, and how to be supportive of others who are mentally distressed.”

Working in the healthcare field can be stressful and demanding.  Teresa Phelps, life coach and certified grief and recovery specialist, facilitates a CEU workshop on self-care. 

“The workshop will share insights on the advantages of self-care, addressing obstacles hindering self-care, identifying personal motivations and practical methods for turning seemingly impossible beliefs into achievable goals,” said Phelps. 

The CEU workshops are held in-person and virtually.

To register for the workshops, send email to

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