L.E.A.D. coaching program

By Paula Anderson

Leaders are individuals who have the responsibility of ensuring the success of others. Some leaders are transformational, charismatic, and transactional.

As a transformational leader, it requires inspiration, motivation, communication, competence and intelligence.

When you think about transformation, think about a caterpillar and how it transforms from a bug to a colorful insect.

The L.E.A.D. coaching program is an 8-week virtual program designed to help individuals in the healthcare industry learn how to manage teams effectively. The program is ideal for millennials ages 30-45.

As a Generation X-er, I learned how to complete tasks from a traditional standpoint. I remember when social media did not exist. I did not have a cell phone when I was in college, I used a pager.

Click below to listen to a short story about my transformational experience.

The first module of the program in L.E.A.D. coaching program is available on-demand. To schedule a complimentary coaching session, click here.

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