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Leadership development

Updated: Feb 24

By PACC Staff

Paula Anderson Coaching and Consulting, LLC has a course on leadership development for healthcare professionals and aspiring leaders.

Leadership is a topic that everyone can learn. The content is based on academic research on leadership and communication. Participants will learn about themselves and how to communicate with multiple generations in the workplace.

Below is a summary from a scholarly article about the differences between two generations.

The article describes the differences between Gen Xers and Gen Y (millennials). Some of the differences are risk taking, positivity, technology and the need for power. The authors point out that Gen Y are more likely to try new things as opposed to Gen Xers who likes to play it safe.


Gen Y also has a more positive outlook on life according to the authors. Generation X is perceived to be more cynical, less optimistic, and less idealistic and bound to traditional value systems (p. 73). Another difference is the use of technology. Generation X relies a lot on Web applications whereas Gen Y prefers collaborative tools such as cell phones, laptops, multimedia, instant messaging and social networking platforms. And lastly, the need to be in power. According to the authors, Gen X wants to be “in charge and to have control of critical organizational resources and decision-making mechanisms at work.” However, Gen Y prefers teamwork and collaboration.

Citation; Mhatre, Ketan H. and Conger, Jay A (2011). Bridging the Gap Between Gen X and Gen Y. Journal of Leadership Studies. Vol. 5, Number 3

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