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Leadership Development Series

By PACC Staff

Beginning April 1, 2023, Paula Anderson Coaching and Consulting, LLC will offer a four-week Leadership Development Series for healthcare professionals and aspiring leaders. The webinars will be held on Saturday from noon - 1 p.m. Each session will cover a topic related to developing leadership skills for personal or professional development.

Artwork: Jonathan Ennis

Below is a summary from a scholarly article about the differences between two generations.

The article describes the differences between Gen X and Gen Y (millennials). Some of the differences are risk taking, positivity, technology and the need for power. The authors point out that Gen Y are more likely to try new things as opposed to Gen X who likes to play it safe.

Gen Y also has a more positive outlook on life according to the authors. Generation X is perceived to be more cynical, less optimistic, and less idealistic and bound to traditional value systems (p. 73). Another difference is the use of technology. Generation X relies a lot on Web applications whereas Gen Y prefers collaborative tools such as cell phones, laptops, multimedia, instant messaging and social networking platforms. And lastly, the need to be in power. According to the authors, Gen X wants to be “in charge and to have control of critical organizational resources and decision-making mechanisms at work.” However, Gen Y prefers teamwork and collaboration.

Citation; Mhatre, Ketan H. and Conger, Jay A (2011). Bridging the Gap Between Gen X and Gen Y. Journal of Leadership Studies. Vol. 5, Number 3

To learn more about the Leadership Development series, click here.

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