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Using websites as a communication channel

by Paula Anderson

A communication strategy is an action plan of goals, objectives and tactics to reach potential customers and stakeholders. 

In the field of Public Relations, your target audience are considered as key publics. A public is someone who can potentially be a customer, donor, vendor, supplier or stakeholder. 

One of the key things to remember is that everyone is not your customer. If you try to reach everyone, you will reach no one. 

  • Rule #1 - Identify your key publics based on your product and service.

  • Rule #2 - Choose the right communication channels for products and services.

  • Rule #3 - All publics are different when it comes to communication channels. 

  • Rule #4 - Social media platforms are secondary communication channels. 

  • Rule #5 - Build relationships, establish credibility and don’t confuse public relations with marketing. 


A website is your primary communication channel. It should provide a description of your business, services, products and offline communication methods. It should be designed to reach your key publics. For example, if your key publics are millennials, then you will need to have a website that caters to them. 

Secondly, PR is all about research. Before you can communicate, you will need to understand the behavior and attitudes for your key publics. This is called psychographics.

Lastly, developing relationships is the key to public relations. However, all relationships have to be mutually beneficial. A complimentary webinar is a way to showcase your services However, all services can't be complimentary.

To learn more about public relations, click here.

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